Project Overview

PHAROS Integrated Eco-routing and Fleet Management System project is a 2-year project funded by the EU-Egypt Innovation Fund (EEIF) through the Research, Development and Innovation Program (RDI) of the Ministry of Scientific Research of Egypt. It aims to promote innovation in the industrial sector in Egypt for commercialization of new products and services that promote sustainable development.

PHAROS Project will develop a novel low-cost integrated real time, eco-routing and fleet management system based on smart communication technologies and cloud computing, to be deployed in Greater Cairo as a proof of concept.

The lack of traffic data and the high costs of collecting and processing it for practical use are key constraints in addressing the traffic challenges in many developing countries. In this context, vehicle-to-infrastructure technologies may be prohibitively expensive in many cities. For this purpose, PHAROS project was launched to address this challenge.


  • Developing enhanced navigation by using adaptive algorithms for dynamic route guidance and scheduling (e.g. with historic data, least fuel routing, etc).
  • Developing a solution for cooperative eco-driving a providing the driver with support, feedback and guidance on a more fuel-efficient driving behavior (e.g. CO2 production or cost/saving in monetary terms).
  • Developing on-board monitoring for dynamic traffic adaptation, adaptive cruise control with support of geographical maps and location information.
  • Real-life deployment of a functional prototype of the developed system at the road network in Greater Cairo Region to carry out traffic management operations.


The proposed system aims to provide an economically and green viable solution for road traffic real time traveler information and management in contrast to conventional approaches which are invasive to deploy and expensive to operate.

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